Terms and Conditions


We are not affiliated with the DVLA, though our instructors are DVLA-approved. Our professional test checkers utilize the DVLA driving school portal to arrange theory and practical driving tests.

Solving Problems for You (Complaints Procedure)

If you have any issues or need assistance, please contact us. Resolving any difficulties you may face is a priority for us at L Driver Training. We will listen, read, think, and help where we can. Please use the contact form here: Contact Form and title the form ‘Complaint’.

General Terms and Conditions

By agreeing to take driving lessons from L Driver Training, purchasing our services or products, or contracting with us for goods or services, you agree to our Terms and Conditions. L Driver Training reserves the right to alter or amend the Terms and Conditions, fees, and requirements. It is your responsibility to clarify any points that are unclear to you.

Our services are consultative and expert in nature. When you contact L Driver Training and interact with our client managers and staff, they will start arranging your course immediately upon request. Once you have paid a deposit or instructed L Driver Training, our client managers and staff will use our facilities and expertise to make arrangements, bookings, record data, and communicate on your behalf. These services will have cost implications unless you explicitly discontinue our services. L Driver Training will retain your details in our system and continue to seek a test for you according to your requirements for up to six months.

By booking theory tests, driving lessons, PASS guaranteed courses, intensive driving courses, automatic intensive driving courses, Guaranteed PASS automatic intensive driving courses, driving test cancellation booking services, driving test booking services, or any other services offered by L Driver Training, you authorize L Driver Training to act as your agent with immediate effect. You agree to receive driving lessons from an instructor franchised to or pre-approved by L Driver Training, for us to arrange evaluation lessons, book theory tests, and practical driving tests on your behalf, and provide other related services. By instructing L Driver Training, you agree to our Terms and Conditions in full as published on our website.

Quotes provided by L Driver Training staff are valid for 30 days unless they are part of a special offer or promotion, in which case the terms of the special offer or promotion will take precedence. Quotes provided will be adjusted if DVLA practical or theory test fees change, and quotes given on or after 4 April 2023 will include VAT due to our VAT registration. Additional lessons booked on or after this date will also be subject to VAT.

Fees for driving lessons and intensive courses must be paid in advance, at the latest by the day before the lesson. All fees for intensive driving courses, PASS guaranteed courses, guaranteed PASS courses, 'crash courses', assessments, mock tests, evaluation lessons, and test booking fees must be paid in advance. If L Driver Training makes payments on behalf of the student before receiving funds, the student must reimburse the costs within 24 hours. DVLA test fees will be charged at the rates imposed on L Driver Training, and students agree to reimburse these fees and associated administrative fees.

Driving lesson and course fees may be adjusted in specific instances, including but not limited to:

  • Replacing the driving instructor, where the new instructor charges a higher rate
  • Courses conducted over a period longer than 90 days
  • Significant changes in fuel prices
  • Test bookings outsourced

Evaluation lessons, assessments, and test fees must be paid in full at least 24 hours in advance. Test bookings must be paid in full three clear working days before the test date and cleared into L Driver Training’s account by 4 pm on the third working day. Short notice tests must be paid at least 24 hours in advance. L Driver Training reserves the right to cancel tests/services not paid for in advance, and the client will be liable for any costs incurred. Once a client has accepted a booking, they are liable for all associated fees and costs. The client will also be responsible for costs incurred in recovering debts.

We will not disclose or use information provided to us by third parties. When a student provides necessary information for bookings, they accept that this information may be disclosed to the DVSA and relevant authorities to act as the student’s agent. The student acknowledges and accepts that L Driver Training may use its address and details on behalf of the student and has the right to book, cancel, and reschedule tests on the student’s behalf.

If a guardian, parent, partner, sibling, or another associate provides information or makes a payment on behalf of a student, they agree to be jointly and severally liable and accept these terms and conditions. They confirm that they have the authority to act on behalf of the student.

We record telephone conversations for training and contractual purposes. Not all calls are recorded, and the operator may not inform you if a call is recorded. Recorded calls may be used for contractual matters. By not opting out and informing the operator each time, you agree that calls may be recorded and referred to for contractual purposes. You may request copies of such recordings in writing, subject to their availability.

You are responsible for any external costs incurred on your account, including but not limited to DVLA test fees, insurance costs, finance charges, bank charges, and administrative and legal charges.

We cannot be held responsible for payments made directly to instructors or regarding offers not listed on our site. We suggest making payments directly to L Driver Training.

Clients and instructing agents are jointly liable for fees and costs when work is accepted from instructing agents outside our organization. Our terms, conditions, and fees take precedence over any private agreements between the client and instructing agent.

A clear two working days' notice (48 hours) is required for lesson cancellations. If the notice is not provided, you will be liable for the lesson fees. Instructors may enforce, waive, or amend cancellation charges at their discretion.

A cancellation fee of 13% and any incurred booking and administration fees apply to cancelled intensive courses. Block bookings cancelled will incur a 13% fee on the lesson value and not on the discounted rate. Refunds are processed within 45 days after verifying services used and expenses incurred. Refunds are issued to the original payment account upon providing proof of the original transfer.

Booking fees, admin charges, and client engagement fees are non-refundable. L Driver Training reserves the discretion to enforce, waive, or amend cancellation charges.

Clients, students, and instructing agents agree to bear all administrative and legal costs for recovering debts due to defaulting payments.

Clients are liable for costs associated with erroneous charges, additional engagements, or false allegations. L Driver Training will notify and record such costs.

L Driver Training may publish photos or videos taken by its instructors for promotional purposes. If a student objects, they must contact L Driver Training in writing.

Once a practical or theory test is confirmed, the student is liable for all related costs. Tests cannot be cancelled without incurring costs unless three clear working days' notice is given.

Test Booking Services

L Driver Training will strive to arrange tests according to student requirements but does not guarantee specific test centre, date, or time bookings. The fee for the test booking service includes the DVLA fee, administrative fee, and VAT. An invoice is available upon request.

Once a test offer is accepted, L Driver Training’s liability is completed. We will remind the client of the test and notify them of any DVLA changes. Our contractual obligation to assist with test changes only applies if a Test Cover Charge has been paid.

Tests booked by L Driver Training use a unique email address for confirmation. Liability for test date changes reverts to the client if this email address is altered.

If a student cancels the service or course after accepting a test offer, they are liable for full costs unless they notify L Driver Training before the 3 working days' notice period, incurring a £19 administrative fee.

These Terms and Conditions outline the rights and responsibilities of L Driver Training and its clients. For any questions or clarifications, please contact us using the provided details.