Happy Passes

“I never dreamed about success. I worked for it.”
—  Estée Lauder  —


CONGRATS, Patrick!!!
Patrick booked an intensive driving course, sadly it was on hold for almost a year to his work but he was able to continue and do his test within just a few weeks after his work project finished. Passed, first time.


WELL DONE, Igor!!!
Igor booked a refresher course with a practical test booking, did his test within 5 days and Passed!


CONGRATS, Jelena!!!
Jelena did a refresher course with a test in only 2 weeks, right before leaving for Holiday. Great holiday present to self, I'd say!


WELL DONE, Harold!!!
Harold booked an intensive course, with his 'NO GIVING UP' spirit he passed his test! They say 3rd times a charm 😉

Above is just a few students who felt comfortable having their photos posted that PASSED their practical tests with Instructor Hallam.
Will you be the next 'face' posted?

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